The Royal Commission worked with members of the Deaf community to create New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) videos about the Inquiry, the work we are doing, and how to engage and share your experience of abuse with us.

Deaf survivors are encouraged to contact the Royal Commission via video interpreting on 0800 222 727 or email

What is the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care?

  • What is in scope?
  • What types of abuse are within scope?
  • Where could the abuse have occured?

Why should Deaf survivors share their story?

  • What is a private session?
  • What is a Public hearing?

Hear from survivors

  • How can Deaf survivors be involved?
  • What will the Royal Commission do with the information?

Notice for Request for Quote for New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters

The Royal Commission is requesting quotes for service(s) to provide New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Interpreting for the length of the Inquiry. 

We use interpreters for a range of events and activities:

  • If a Deaf person needs an interpreter to share their experience with the Inquiry.
  • Live interpretation during public hearings for both the public gallery and as part of the live streamed real-time content.
  • Translation of key documents into NZSL videos.
  • Translation of private session transcripts from written English to NZSL
  • Providing interpretations at public events and meetings with Deaf stakeholders.

A Request for Quote will ensure that the Commission can book interpreters quickly and efficiently to support the inclusion of Deaf survivors in the Inquiry.

This Commission is committed to taking a range of factors into awarding the contract(s) fairly including, but not limited to:

  • how they engage with Deaf people,
  • how they work with interpreters and;
  • the professionalism of their product.

To view the RFP, please click this link(external link)

All enquires must be directed to



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