There will be number of public hearings held throughout the Inquiry covering various topics and institutions.  These hearings are a way for Commissioners and New Zealanders to hear what happened to children, young people and vulnerable adults in State and faith-based care.  All our hearings will be streamed live on our website.  The hearings will be supported by investigations by our team during which they will carry out research and hold roundtable meetings, workshops and hui.

Current investigations

A list of current investigations. These will form the basis of future hearings.

Public hearings

Understand how public hearings work within the Inquiry and what you can expect if you attend in person or watch a live stream.

Procedural documents

Links to minutes and practice notes as well as information on core participants.

Legal assistance

Find out how to apply for legal assistance if you have been identified as a witness for a public hearing.

Live stream

Watch live streamed video of public hearings in real time.

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