Public hearings will be held throughout the Inquiry.  Through public hearings Commissioners will hear evidence and information about abuse in State care and faith-based institutions.

Each public hearing will investigate a different topic or particular institution.

The evidence heard at public hearings will help the Inquiry make independent, unbiased findings to inform our recommendations to the Government.

What to expect

Attending a hearing

There will be many public hearings during the Inquiry, each running for between one to three weeks.

All public hearings will be held in venues open and accessible to the public.

You can attend as a member of the public or watch a live stream on our website.

At a hearing

Commissioners will be looking at:

  • Why people were taken into care
  • What abuse and neglect occurred
  • Why it happened and the effect it had
  • What was learned and what changes were made
  • How the systems are working now
  • How things can be done better

For more details about expenses for witnesses at public hearings, see our Witness Expenses Policy.

Our first hearing

Our first hearing, called a Preliminary hearing, was held on 25 June 2019. At that hearing we shared information about:

  • Why the commission was established
  • What a Royal Commission is
  • How we will do our work
  • Detail about private sessions, public hearings and research
  • How the public hearings will work

You can watch a recording of the Preliminary hearing below or read the speeches made by our Commissioners at the hearing.

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