This hearing will focus on the redress processes of the Catholic Church, Anglican Church and the Salvation Army. The Royal Commission will investigate the adequacy of redress and what needs to be done to support people who have been abused or neglected in Faith-based institutions.

If you have experienced abuse in faith-based institutions such as a church or religious school between 1950-1999 or have information that may help the investigation please call us 0800 222 727 or email 

Your information will help us to build a picture of what happened to those who made allegations or complaints or took civil proceedings relating to having been abused in Faith-based care.


  • Faith-Based Redress - Monday 30 November to Friday 11 December

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  Live stream

The Redress hearing will be live streamed on our website when it takes place.


The witness schedule for the Redress hearing will be confirmed closer to the time.

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