Early 2019 we announced the appointment of a Survivor Advisory Group of Experts.

The group represents survivors of abuse in State care and those from faith-based institutions.

Survivors are at the centre of the Royal Commission’s work so it is essential their voices are heard and respected.

Almost 50 people applied to be on the Survivor Advisory Group.

The following people were selected:

  • Albert Epere
  • Anne Stephenson
  • Carol Beckett
  • Emily Holden
  • Gary Williams
  • Greg Molony
  • Jane Stevens
  • Kath Coster
  • Keith Wiffin
  • Jim Goodwin
  • Josie Khoury
  • Michael Chamberlain
  • Piripi Gray
  • Rangi Wickliffe
  • Sally Champion
  • Steve Goodlass
  • Toni Jarvis
  • Tyrone Marks

The Survivor Advisory Group will meet at least four times per year in either Auckland or Wellington. 

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