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Crown Statement at the Contextual hearing

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The statement provided by the Crown at the start of the Contextual hearing.
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Statement of Arthur Taylor

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Mr Taylor has spent 40 of his 63 years in prison.
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Statement of Keith Wiffin

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Keith Wiffin went into state care at the age of 10 after the death of his father.
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Statement of Judge Carolyn Henwood

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Her Honour Judge Henwood was the Chair of the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service (CLAS) which ran from 2008 to 2015.
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Contextual hearing transcripts

Transcripts from the 2019 Contextual hearing held between 29 October and 8 November.
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Pānui - October 2019

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The October 2019 edition of our Pānui newsletter.

Witness and support persons expenses policy

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This policy outlines payments the Royal Commission may make to witnesses who are requested by the Commission to give evidence at public hearings.

Quarterly Report as at 30 June 2019

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This report updates you about the high-level activity of the Royal Commission into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions (the Commission) and year-to-date spend through to 30 June 2019.
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Memorandum of Understanding - New Zealand Police

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) documents the understanding reached between the New Zealand Police (Police) and the Royal Commission concerning incident referral and investigative processes, in the context of the work of the Royal Commission.

Minute 4 – Contextual hearing

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This Minute provides detail about The Inquiry's Contextual hearing.
Procedural Minute