The Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry State Residential homes public hearing resumes today in Auckland.

Commissioners will hear from two witnesses. Witness evidence summaries are outlined below.

The hearing is being live-streamed here.

The hearing is open to media. Only opening and closing statements can be filmed but witness footage is available.

Hearing location: Level 2, 414 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023. Entrance from Kingdon st.

7 May


Loretta Ryder – will not be livestreamed. Video and written evidence will be available afterwards.

Ms Ryder is a 53 year old woman of Māori and European descent.  Ms Ryder will give evidence of her experiences at The Grange in Remuera in 1980, Bollard Girls Home and the Lloyd Avenue Family Home in 1982.  Despite a disclosure to a psychologist of sexual abuse by her father, he was permitted to visit her unsupervised in Bollard, where he continued to sexually abuse her.  Ms Ryder will give evidence of her experiences of racism, physical and sexual abuse and solitary confinement in Bollard. She underwent compulsory internal medical examinations at both the Grange and Bollard.  She will give evidence of the long term impacts of abuse in care.



PM is a 46 year old Pākehā man who experienced sexual, physical and psychological abuse in care.  He was placed in Hamilton Boys’ Home, foster care, Weymouth and Whakapakari. He will give evidence of being placed in a cell for solitary confinement.  At Whakapakari he was forced to dig his own grave at gunpoint and was raped by a supervisor. PM will give evidence of the ongoing impacts of abuse in care, including recently having to cease working due to the memories of abuse causing him to be unsafe as a truck driver.

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About the Abuse in Care Inquiry

The Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry is investigating the abuse and neglect that happened to children, young people and vulnerable adults in care from 1950 and 1999.