The Royal Commission has published Conflict Management Plans to address any conflicts of interests held by Commissioners.

Management plans include actions that may restrict Commissioners’ participation in deliberations or report-writing that relate to any person or entity associated with the declared connection. 

Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission, Simon Mount QC said “the Royal Commission takes conflicts of interest - actual or perceived - very seriously.

“We encourage survivors to let us know if they prefer not to talk to a particular Commissioner, as alternate arrangements can be made.

“Your experiences will be heard and acknowledged. Sharing your experiences could make a difference for those in care in future. 

“Public trust and confidence are essential to the Royal Commission’s success. This is reflected in the Commission’s Conflicts of Interest Policy, and the specific plans we have in place”, he said.

The Policy states that Commissioners, Secretariat, Counsel Assisting, and all suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors or others engaged on behalf of the Royal Commission must promptly disclose interests, on an ongoing basis, so the potential for conflict can be assessed and any necessary steps taken. They must comply with any management plan or other directions given in accordance with this policy.