The Royal Commission is aware that New Zealand Police have arrested and charged six men following an investigation into historical sexual offending at Dilworth School in Auckland.

Police would like anyone with information to contact them. A dedicated number to call has been set up on (09) 302 6624 or email

The Royal Commission is investigating historical abuse in faith-based care, including schools such as Dilworth.  The investigation is gathering information about what happened, why it happened, and the impacts of abuse that may have occurred at the hands of priests, religious or lay employees of faith-based institutions. We are investigating whether there are any systemic, structural, institutional or other factors special to faith-based institutions which contributed to the abuse occurring or which affected the faith-based institutions’ response to abuse.  The Commission will be making recommendations on how to prevent such abuse and how redress processes should be improved.

We encourage survivors of abuse in faith-based institutions to contact us on 0800 222 727 or to find out how they can contribute to our investigation.