Judge Shaw (centre) pictured with Neville (left) and Caii-Michelle Baker (right)

Inquiry Chair Coral Shaw is attending two poukai this week at the invitation of Maori King Tūheitia Paki.  The King invited Judge Shaw to the poukai when she met with him in January.

The first poukai Judge Shaw (pictured here with Neville and Caii-Michelle Baker) attended on Monday 9 March was at Parawera Marae.

The poukai is an annual series of visits by the Māori king to different marae, largely based within the Tainui confederation of tribes in the Waikato region and are held on 29 days of the year.

It’s a tradition that dates back 135 years and was started by Kiingi Tawhiao.  Attendance at these special ceremonies gives Judge Shaw the opportunity to talk about the Inquiry and to continue to forge strong ties with Māori.

We want to work with Māori as a Tiriti partner in its truest sense. Abuse in care has affected so many generations of Māori and it needs to be brought to light before it can be stopped,” she said.

Judge Shaw will also be attending the poukai at Maketu Marae in Kawhia on Friday (13 March).