As you may have heard, the Royal Commission of Inquiry has released the name and email address of an individual to another person.

We are extremely disappointed this occurred and apologise to all survivors.

At the Royal Commission, our highest priority is on survivors, their wellbeing and safety.

It is very important that the personal information we hold on behalf of survivors is treated with the utmost respect and care.

The email contained a standard response from the Royal Commission sent to all submitters on the (draft) Terms of Reference, thanking them for their input.

This was an administrative error, and no other personal information was disclosed.  

Only one incident of this nature has been brought to our attention.

As soon as the error was discovered, the Royal Commission took the following steps:

  • An email was sent to the individual who received the information in error, with thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  • An apology was emailed to the individual whose information was released, followed by a verbal apology.

The Royal Commission is now looking into how this happened, and putting steps in place to ensure it can not happen again.

Once again, our focus remains on ensuring survivors can effectively participate in the Inquiry, and can safely share their accounts and information with the Royal Commission.