Witnesses will have more time to give evidence at the public hearing on the State Response to Civil Redress and Civil Litigation Claims (State Redress Hearing).

Initially set down for two weeks, the time for the State Redress Hearing has been extended and will now be held in two phases over four weeks in March-April and in May. During the first phase (23 March to 3 April 2020), the Inquiry will hear evidence from survivors of abuse in care about civil claims made against the State. It will also hear from survivors about civil litigation in the courts and before the Human Rights Tribunal.

This first phase of the hearing will be held, as planned in the Environment Court in Wellington.

The second phase of the State Redress Hearing will be held in the Tribunal Hearing Centre in Wellington from 12 to 22 May 2020. Witnesses for the Crown will give evidence during this phase.

Both phases of the hearing will be livestreamed on our website.

Not everyone with an experience of making a claim for redress for abuse in care will give evidence in the State Redress Hearing. The Inquiry will continue to collect evidence throughout its investigation, which will continue after this public hearing. The Inquiry will hear from survivors who attend private sessions and through written accounts. It will also hold roundtable meetings, hui and workshops, and it will carry out research. All the evidence that the Inquiry hears will help in its examination of the issue of redress and in making recommendations. 

The way faith-based institutions have treated survivors’ claims will also be investigated in detail.