A series of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) videos to encourage members of the Deaf community to engage with the Abuse in Care Inquiry have been developed by the Royal Commission.

The three new videos give Deaf survivors information and advice on how they can be involved with the Inquiry and share their stories of abuse in care. They have been made with the assistance of members of the Deaf community.

Executive Director Mervin Singham says it is important for the Royal Commission to make it as easy as possible for members of the Deaf community, who may have been abused in care, to share their stories with us.

“The Commission is committed to hearing from survivors and witnesses from diverse communities, including the Deaf community,” he says.

The videos are just the start of our engagement with the Deaf community. Our staff will also be holding public information sessions for the Deaf community around the country.  More details about those sessions will be available on our website soon.

All our public hearings are livestreamed on our website with an NZSL interpreter. The next public hearing on State Redress Hearing begins on 23 March.