New South Wales Corrective Services are supporting the Abuse in Care Royal Commission to get information about the Inquiry to New Zealanders in their prisons.

This is a first step to engage with hard to reach New Zealand survivors in Australian prisons to ensure they know about, and share their experience with, the Inquiry.

A high proportion of people in prisons have been in care as children. We also know that many New Zealanders reside in Australia and hundreds are detained in Australian prisons.

Survivors in NSW Prisons are now supported to learn about the Inquiry and can write to the Royal Commission or call on its free 1800 number.  Experiences can be shared in writing or by secure video link.

Abuse in Care Inquiry Commissioner Anaru Erueti said it is important that we can reach as many survivors as possible in New Zealand and abroad to share their accounts of abuse in this Inquiry.

“Being in prison should not be a barrier to survivors who want to participate in this Inquiry, nor should living in Australia. We are pleased to be working with New South Wales Corrective Services to reach these survivors and hope to also formalise relationships with other Australian prisons,” Erueti said.

Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin says it’s important to support New Zealanders in custody in NSW to share their accounts with the New Zealand Inquiry.

“It’s critical that people who have information and stories to share with the Inquiry are not prevented from doing so in any way,” Mr Severin said.

“Childhood trauma is often a key cause for putting people on a path that can lead to prison and being able to tell their story and to have it acknowledged in such a forum can often be the first step towards rehabilitation.”

People in Australia can call the Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry on freephone 1800 875 745 or visit our website to find out more about registering and engaging with the Inquiry.

Media enquiries: 027 298 2094;