The Royal Commission of Inquiry has welcomed a move by the Government’s Chief Archivist to implement a disposal moratorium over any information held by government agencies that may be relevant to the Commission.

Government agencies are prohibited from disposing of potentially relevant information to make sure it is available. 

The Chief Archivist has emphasised the importance of ensuring no records which could be required by the Commission are disposed of. 

The same expectation applies to faith-based institutions and all other bodies involved in providing care (for example non-government organisations).  

Royal Commission Counsel Assisting, Simon Mount QC, says survivors of abuse can be confident no Government agency can now destroy or dispose of information relevant to the Commission.

“The Commission will use its compulsory powers as needed to ensure it has access to all the information it needs.

“Where appropriate, the Commission will require individuals from both State and non-State agencies to provide statutory declarations to explain why any material has been lost or destroyed,” he says.