The Procedural hearing at 10:00am on 19 August 2019 will take place at the Rydges Hotel, 59 Federal St in Auckland CBD (behind the Auckland District Court).

At the Procedural hearing, we will provide information about the first public hearing of evidence for the Abuse in Care Inquiry, which will take place in October/November 2019.

The Procedural hearing will also allow individuals, groups or organisations the opportunity to let us know that they want to be formally involved in the Inquiry, and are seeking to become a core participant and if so, how to go about that.  They can also advise the Royal Commission if there are other procedural matters they are concerned about.

If you cannot attend the Procedural hearing, you will be able to watch it on our website - both live and after the event. You can also find out more about attending or registering to participate in a public hearing through emailing or calling 0800 222 727.

There will be a number of other public hearings throughout the duration of the Inquiry.