The Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry will conduct a full, independent and impartial investigation into allegations of abuse at the Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital.

Inquiry Chair, Judge Coral Shaw, says work is already underway on the investigation.

“Commissioners in their private sessions, and members of the investigative team, have already engaged with a number of survivors of abuse at Lake Alice. In particular we acknowledge the complainant who took the case to the United Nations, who has been working with our investigative team.

“The Royal Commission will use its extensive powers to ensure a thorough examination of what occurred at Lake Alice and the Government’s response.

“This will include examining the response of the Police and Crown to serious allegations of abuse.

“The Royal Commission expects to hold a public hearing into abuse at the Adolescent Unit at Lake Alice in 2020, as part of a broader investigation into abuse in psychiatric care.

“The Inquiry will address abuse of both adults and children in psychiatric care,” says Judge Shaw.

The Royal Commission has strong powers to obtain information, and may make findings of fault and recommendations for further steps to determine liability.

In accordance with the Inquiries Act 2013, the Royal Commission will not make findings of civil, criminal or disciplinary liability.