The Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry State Redress hearing resumes today in Auckland.

The hearing is being live-streamed here.

The Contextual hearing is open to media but closed to the public because of Covid social distancing restrictions.

Hearing location: Level 2, 414 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

28 September


Kerry Johnson (anonymised name)

Kerry Johnson was assessed at a young age as having an intellectual disability. He will give evidence about the historic claims process as it relates to his time at a faith-based boarding school, at a special residential school, in social welfare care and as a patient at various psychiatric hospitals. Kerry will talk about the challenges with legal aid funding and dealing with multiple claims against the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, and other care providers.


IHC - Trish Grant

Trish Grant is the Director of Advocacy at IHC.  IHC is a non-governmental organisation that advocates for the rights, inclusion and welfare of all people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand and supports them to lead to satisfying lives in the community. Ms Grant’s evidence outlines a proceeding taken by the IHC in the Human Rights Review Tribunal.  The case alleges that the government unlawfully discriminated against 84,000-106,000 children in state schools who have disabilities and need accommodations to learn.  The merits of IHC’s case (i.e. whether or not the government has unlawfully discriminated against children with disabilities) are yet to be heard.  In her evidence, Ms Grant will give IHC’s view of this situation and its effects on children with disabilities.  She will also describe the challenges people with disabilities face when making claims for abuse against the State, using an anonymised case study where IHC helped a person resolve their claim.


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