Eight investigations have been launched so far. Four of the current investigations are into abuse that occurred in care settings:

  • State residential homes
  • Psychiatric care
  • The Catholic Church
  • The Anglican Church

The other four current investigations are into themes and survivor experiences that are relevant across all State and Faith-based care settings where abuse occurred: 

  • Redress
  • Māori
  • Pacific people
  • People with disabilities

The Royal Commission expects to conduct between 15 to 20 investigations, and the topics of its further investigations are still being considered. 


Redress Investigation

The investigation into redress will run throughout the life of the Inquiry. The Inquiry will look at the experiences of survivors in seeking and obtaining redress for abuse in care; what processes have been, and still are, available to people who have been abused in care; relevant domestic and international laws; what changes can be made to improve redress processes and what other steps relating to redress can, and should be, taken.

The redress team will carry out research, gather relevant (anonymised) information from survivors’ private sessions, consider evidence from public hearings, and hold roundtable meetings, workshops and hui.

The investigation into redress had progressed to the stage where we were about to start phase one of a public hearing into State redress in late March. Research had been conducted, and all witnesses had been prepared and were scheduled to give their evidence. The briefing papers, relevant minutes, scoping document and witness summaries are available on the Inquiry website at: https://www.abuseincare.org.nz/public-hearings/about/redress-hearing/(external link)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions this hearing had to be postponed. Assuming no further COVID-19 restrictions at levels 3 or 4, the phase one public hearing on State redress is now expected to be held in September 2020, with the date to be announced shortly. 

The Royal Commission is also planning a public hearing into Faith-based redress in November 2020, with further details to be confirmed.

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