Survivors who want to share their experience with the Inquiry in writing can now get literacy support from the NZ Howard League Trust(external link), Literacy Aotearoa(external link) and The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust(external link).

These providers have been chosen because of their experience and empathy in working with people who need literacy support. All three organisations operate nation-wide and have experience helping people who have learning or intellectual disabilities. 

Literacy support will give survivors better access to information about the Inquiry and provide support that helps them to share their experience of abuse or neglect in writing. By providing literacy support, we hope that more people who have experienced abuse or neglect in care can be heard.

Contact the Royal Commission on our freephone number 0800-222-727 or email us at to find out more about getting literacy support.

What are written accounts?

Giving a written account is one of a number of ways that survivors can share their experience of abuse in State and faith-based care.

If you want to tell your story, but you don’t want to do this in person, or as part of a formal process you can provide information in writing by completing a booklet.

You will still need to contact us before submitting your written account. This is to ensure there is appropriate wellbeing support organised and in place. We can also answer questions about giving your written account and other support we can offer at any point in the process, including literacy support.

About the literacy support providers

Literacy Aotearoa(external link) is a niche national provider of adult literacy with 40 sites across Aotearoa (New Zealand). They focus on working with adults and whānau who want to improve their literacy and numeracy competencies to maximise their employment and educational opportunities in life. 

NZ Howard League Trust(external link) is a niche national provider of adult literacy, remedial education and life-skills programmes within prisons. They focus on working one-to-one with adults in prisons, supporting basic literacy including reading and writing. 

The Personal Advocacy and Safeguarding Adults Trust(external link) works across New Zealand providing safeguarding, advocacy and literacy support for adults with care and support needs. They predominantly work with people that identify as having learning/intellectual disabilities or could otherwise fall into the category of being neurodiverse. They are the only national provider of this type working with people with learning/intellectual disabilities. 

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