The Royal Commission will make recommendations about how New Zealand can better care for children, young persons and vulnerable adults. It will make these recommendations in its reports to the Government and faith-based institutions that it will publish as it carries out its work. 

Some of these recommendations will address redress for survivors of abuse by State and faith-based care providers.

The Royal Commission is not able to provide compensation for abuse or neglect.

Listed below are agencies you can contact for further information about making a complaint or a claim for compensation or support.

You can also contact the government agency or faith-based institution that was responsible for your care when you experienced abuse or neglect. We have included below the contact information for these agencies and institutions and have noted their former names where they have changed: Ministry of Education; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Social Development; Anglican Church; Catholic Church; and, The Salvation Army.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, covers the former Department of Education and, can provide information and advice on compensation related to abuse or neglect at a:

  • Residential Special School prior to 1989, or at a
  • Primary school prior to 1989, or at
  • any state school that is now closed (including Residential Specialist Schools and Health Camp Schools).

If your claim is about incidents at a primary school after 1989, or at a secondary school and that school is still open, the school’s Board of Trustees might be the correct respondent to your claim.

If you would like to lodge a claim about your time at a State school and you are unsure about where to go, the Sensitive Claims team within the Ministry of Education are happy to discuss this with you. They can also support you to talk to a school board about your concerns if you wish.

The Ministry of Education Sensitive Claims cannot consider claims about private schools. You will need to discuss this with the governing body of the school.

Sensitive Claims

Sector Enablement and Support

Ministry of Education

PO Box 1666

Wellington 6140




Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health, covers the former Department of Health and, can provide information and advice on compensation related to abuse or neglect in Health institutions.

Historic Abuse Resolution Service

Health Legal

Ministry of Health

PO Box 5013

Wellington 6145




Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

MSD Historic Claims covers the former Child Welfare Division, Department of Social Welfare (DSW), Children and Young Persons Service (CYPS), and Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS).

Ministry of Social Development

Historic Claims

PO Box 1556

Wellington 6140


Anglican Church complaints process

The Anglican Church has recently reformed its “Title D” Canon governing Ministry Standards, and has established a Ministry Standards Commission to deal with complaints. All complaints about any alleged misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct by an ordained minister, licensed person, or office holder are now received and handled by the Registrar of the Ministry Standards Commission, who can be confidentially contacted at:

More information can be found on the Anglican Church website at the following page:


Catholic Church complaints process

You can find out more information about the process for making a complaint about abuse by a priest or a religious in the Catholic Church through the Catholic Church’s National Office for Professional Standards (NOPS).

Salvation Army response to Royal Commission of Inquiry redress

You can find out more information about The Salvation Army complaints process by contacting The Salvation Army’s Royal Commission Response officer.


Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

In some cases, ACC will cover injuries resulting from abuse in care. For instance, ACC may cover physical injuries resulting from abuse. ACC may also cover mental harm caused by sexual abuse or assault. Whether abuse is covered by ACC will depend on a number of things, including the type and date of injury.

A person with cover can apply to ACC for different types of support, including weekly compensationtreatment costs including counselling, travel costs to treatment, social and vocational rehabilitation, lump sums, and an independence allowance.

You will need to talk to ACC about whether you are eligible and the type of support available.

Additionally, anyone with questions or concerns about ACC claims can contact:

Way Finders

Way Finders is independent of ACC and can help with a wide range of ACC claim-related questions and issues. 


Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency (Whānau Ora) 

Whānau Ora is a culturally-based, and whānau-centred approach to wellbeing.  

Whānau Ora Kaiārahi can be contacted Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4.30pm.

  • Email:
  • Call: 0800 222 924




Other organisations

The following organisations may also be able to help you:

Citizens Advice Bureau

Call: 0800 FOR CAB (0800 367 222)


Community Law


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