Quick Exit


Mr U is aged 39, is Māori and affiliates to Ngāti Hako. He will give evidence of being in Weymouth in 1995 and Moerangi Treks for three months in 1995, when he was aged 14. He experienced extensive periods in solitary confinement at Weymouth, and was strip-searched by staff. At Moerangi Treks he experienced extreme violence inflicted by other boys at the instigation of staff, sexual abuse by the wife of the manager, and was threatened by a staff member at gunpoint on one occasion. He was not given medical attention despite serious harm, including concussion. His complaints about Moerangi were investigated by the Police and CYFS in 1995, but the programme was permitted to continue for a further three years. Mr U has been in and out of prison since leaving care, has struggled with drug addiction, and has been diagnosed with PTSD.

Statement of Mr U for Abuse in State childrens residential care hearing v2

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