Quick Exit

Rangi Wickliffe is 59 years old and of Māori Irish, Scottish and German descent. He was taken into care at the age of six, and was put into 13 foster homes within 12 months. During this time he was raped, sodomised and tortured. He was then sent to Owairaka Boys Home, and then Holdsworth School. He was raped and sodomised by two staff members at Holdsworth. He spent seven months in Lake Alice, in 1972 and 1973. While he was there he was raped, sodomised and tortured by both patients and staff members. At Lake Alice he received regular unmodified electro-convulsive therapy as well as paraldehyde administered to his buttocks, as well as when he was a resident at Holdsworth School. Following Lake Alice, he went through several more institutions before the State discharged him from its care. He will give evidence on his abuse, how it led him to repeated criminal offending, and the severe impacts it has had on his life. He also participated in the Grant Cameron redress process.