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The Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry was required by the Government, under its Terms of Reference (ToR), to produce an interim report, consisting of two parts the substantive interim report and the administrative report by 28 December 2020.

Our interim report about abuse and neglect, Tāwharautia: Pūrongo o te Wā, were presented to the Governor-General and is available for viewing on our website.

When the government established the Royal Commission it recognised that the initial funding given would be insufficient to enable the full completion of the Inquiry. The administrative report provided the Government with the Royal Commission’s estimate of the additional workload and cost required to complete the Inquiry per the ToR, over and above the initial funding allocation on establishment. This assisted the government in its recent decision making around the final funding allocation and delivery date for the Inquiry.

The analysis includes breakdowns of workstreams, detailed budgets, and comparisons to similar inquiries in other countries. The administrative report factors in early estimates that the number of possible abuse victims is around 250,000, although this could be a considerable underestimation.

After receiving the Royal Commission’s administrative report in late 2020, the Government made amendments to the Royal Commission’s ToR in 2021 and allocated the Inquiry funding through Budget 2021.

The administrative report is available to be viewed on the Department of Internal Affairs website.

Administrative Report