As part of the investigation into abuse in the care of the Catholic church the Inquiry has investigated events that occurred at Marylands School and the Hebron Trust in Christchurch. Both institutions were run by the Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God, a Catholic religious order.

Marylands was a residential school, primarily for boys with learning disabilities, from 1955-1984. The Hebron Trust was a residential programme in Christchurch for troubled teenagers and young adults from 1986 to 1993.

The Inquiry also investigated abuse that happened at the St Joseph’s Orphanage (operated by another religious order), which was situated near Marylands School in Halswell. The St John of God brothers interacted with orphanage children there and at Marylands School.

What we investigated

We investigated the nature and extent of abuse that occurred at Marylands School and Hebron Trust, why it happened, and the impacts of abuse that may have occurred at the hands of clergy, religious or lay employees of the church. It investigated whether there were any systemic, structural or other factors which contributed to the abuse occurring and the adequacy of the response by the Catholic church to allegations of abuse.

The scope of the Marylands School case study can be read here.