Quick Exit

Mr Wiffin is a 61-year-old Pākehā man has given oral evidence at both the contextual and redress hearings.  He was taken into care when he was 10 following the death of his father and was placed in Epuni Boys’ Home and family homes. In his previous evidence he described being sexually abused by a staff member, Alan Moncrief-Wright, over a nine-month period when he was 11. 

He will give additional evidence of being driven in a van with other boys by Mr Moncrief-Wright to a nearby location where he subsequently became aware boys were selected from the van to be sexually abused.   He will also produce records of a restorative justice process he undertook after Mr Moncrief-Wright was convicted of sexual offending against Mr Wiffin and others in 2011.  During this process Mr Moncrief-Wright made admissions in relation to the violent and abusive culture at Epuni and discussed inadequacies in the management of the institution and staff that allowed this culture to occur. Mr Wiffin will also speak to current concerns about the management of Epuni.

Statement of Keith Wiffin for Abuse in State childrens residential care hearing

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