How Deaf people can share their experience with the Royal Commission Tā te hapori Turi kōrero ki te Kōmihana a te Karauna mō ō rātou wheako

Helena talks about how people can share their story with the Royal Commission in private. Helena also answers questions about what type of wellbeing support is available.



Investigations and public hearings Ngā mātai me Ngā whakawā tūmatanui

Nicolette and Ruth Counsel Assist members, the Lawyers assisting the Inquiry, answer your questions about how public hearings work and what we are investigating.

About the inquiry Mō te uiui

  • What is in scope?
  • What types of abuse are within scope?
  • Where could the abuse have occured?

Sharing your experience Tuaritia mai to wheako

  • What is a private session?
  • What is a Public hearing?

Get involved Uru mai

  • How can Deaf survivors be involved?
  • What will the Royal Commission do with the information?