What happens when the Royal Commission closes?

When the Royal Commission closes, there will be a level of on-going support and some services available for survivors of abuse in State and faith-based care through government agencies.  We will post more on this website as we get this information.  Also, the government has set up a Crown Response Unit to oversee its response to the Royal Commission’s findings.

Crown Response Unit Rōpū Whaiora a te Karauna

The Crown Response Unit was set up in 2019 to drive the government’s response to the Royal Commission’s findings. It is currently supporting the development of a survivor-led design of a redress system.

We will update this website about the Crown Response Unit as we get more information, or you can sign up to receive updates from them directly by emailing contact@abuseinquiryresponse.govt.nz

It is already operating. You can also learn more about the Crown Response Unit and its work programme by going to their website or signing up to their newsletters/pānui by emailing contact@abuseinquiryresponse.govt.nz

The Crown Response Unit website address is:

Ā mātou mahi - Our work | Crown response to the Abuse in Care Inquiry


Until we close at the end of March 2024, the Royal Commission will continue to provide the following support services to all survivors: 

  • contact centre support 
  • wellbeing support 
  • survivors can call on the toll-free phone 0800 222 727 
  • text 8185 
  • email contact@abuseincare.org.nz 
  • receive regular survivor newsletters  

Survivor compensation Puretumu torowhānui a ngā purapura ora

The Royal Commission cannot provide compensation for historical abuse or neglect, and it cannot receive or decide on claims for compensation or other forms of redress.

Information about historical abuse claims can be found on the Ministry of Social Development’s website.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care is looking into what happened to tamariki, rangatahi and adults in care and why. We are an Inquiry that is independent of the Government and faith-based institutions, and we are not funded to make payments of compensation.

Under our Terms of Reference, we are required to identify, examine, and report on the abuse of tamariki, rangatahi and adults in State and faith-based care. When we report, we will make recommendations about how Aotearoa New Zealand can better care for tamariki, rangatihi and adults. It is not stated as part of our terms of reference that we can receive claims for compensation or pay compensation.

Several government agencies and faith-based institutions do accept and decide claims for compensation. There are contact details for these agencies here.

Questions from Survivors Ngā patai a ngā purapura ora

These are questions received directly from survivors and the answers are shared for everyone.

Yes, the Royal Commission followed the same approach as the Australian inquiry.  In the State Redress hearing we required representatives from the relevant State agencies to appear for questioning, and in one case we insisted on one particular State witness attending to answer the Royal Commission’s questions. We  followed this approach with faith-based institutions to ensure the right people can be called to account.

In short, no. Lawyers provided by the Royal Commission are not able to help you with a civil claim or a criminal case.

Oranga Tamariki has a complaints process (and online form) on their website: https://www.orangatamariki.govt.nz/about-us/contact-us/feedback/

If you prefer not to use the online form, you can phone them on 0508 326 459

If you are worried about the safety and wellbeing of a tamariki or rangatahi, please use the phone number above or email contact@ot.govt.nz