Talanoa panels

Talanoa is a concept recognised in many Pacific island nations including Niue, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Hawai’i and the Cook Islands. Broadly speaking, talanoa usually entails inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue between all parties without a set format or structure.

The talanoa panels are intended to lay down the first strands of weaving in what is hoped, over time, will become sturdy baskets of knowledge in each area. There will be further opportunities for community engagement and discussion around these topics following the Pacific hearing.

Session 2: A Pacific lens on redress

The second talanoa panel will open a discussion around redress. Panellists will explore ideas around what effective redress principles, processes and systems might look like for Pacific survivors. 

Facilitated by: Helena Kaho

Panel members:

Dr Michael Ligaliga

Dorothy Alofivae

Dr Jean Mitaera

Dr Siautu Alefaio-Tugia     

Witness Statement of Dorothy Alofivae for Tulou Our Pacific Voices Tatala e Pulonga

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