**Information and schedule below are subject to change** 


Day 1
 Monday 11 July

Karakia and mihimihi 

Introduction from the Commissioners 

Opening Statements from the Royal Commission – Ruth Thomas, Counsel Assisting 

Opening Statements from People First 

Opening Statements from the Crown Secretariat 

 11.30am Irene and Margaret Priest 
 01.15pm   Lunch 
 02.30pm   Mr EI 
 04.00pm   Allison Campbell 
Day 2
 Tuesday 12 July 
 10.00am   David Newman 
 11.45am   Paul Milner 
 01.00pm   Lunch 
 02.15pm   Tony Ryder 
 03.45pm   Sheree Briggs 
Day 3
 Wednesday 13 July 
 09.30am   Ross Clark  
 10:00am   Dr Olive Webb  
 11.45am  Alison Adams  
 1.00pm   Lunch 
 2.15pm  Peter Keoghan 
 3.30pm   Caroline Arrell 
Day 4
 Thursday 14 July 
 10.00am   Mr EY
 11.15am   Sidney Neilson and Cherene Neilson-Hornblow  
 1.00pm   Lunch 
 2.00pm   Catherine Hickey 
 3.30pm   Alison Pascoe 
Day 5
 Friday 15 July 

Donna Phillips


Sunny Webster 

 1.00pm  Lunch 
 2.15pm  Mr EX 
Day 6
Monday 18 July 

Whiti Ronaki 




Mr EV 


Jonathan Mosen

Day 7
Tuesday 19 July 

Lusi Faiva 


Matthew Whiting 



 2.45pm  Shannon
Leeann Barnett 
Day 8
Wednesday 20 July 

Kaupapa Māori panel




Dr Brigit Mirfin-Veitch

 3.30pm Closing statements