The first public hearing of the investigation into abuse at Children’s State Residences begins on 3 May 2021. One of the witnesses who will give oral evidence at this hearing is a named claimant in WAI 2615 and as such had a close association with Commissioner Erueti.

In May 2019 Commissioner Erueti declared his work on the WAI 2615 claim before the Waitangi Tribunal as a potential conflict of interest. A Conflict of Interest Management Plan was prepared and approved by the Inquiry’s former Chair Sir Anand Satyanand on 31 May 2019, and by the current Chair Judge Coral Shaw on 17 December 2020.

Core participants have been invited to provide submissions indicating their consent or otherwise to the involvement of Commissioner Erueti at the hearing by email to: by 5pm on 23 April 2021.

In the event a core participant does not consent to Commissioner Erueti’s involvement, a final decision will be made by the Chair, Coral Shaw having regard to the submissions made.

Minute 13 – Notification of Potential Interest of Commissioner Erueti in Public Hearing commencing 3 May 2021

You can review the Conflict of Interest policy, alongside the Conflicts Management Plan for each Commissioner.