The Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry Faith-based Redress hearing continues today in Auckland.

Commissioners will hear from three witnesses. Witness evidence summaries are outlined below.

The hearing is being live-streamed here.

Hearing location: Level 2, 414 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

8 December


“Ms M”

Ms M discusses her home life and circumstances that led to being placed in the care of Anglican Social Services, and the abuse suffered in various home placements, which were made by Anglican Social Services and the State.  Ms M will also describe her experiences of redress in relation to the abuse including court proceedings, later reporting of abuse to Police and through the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service, ACC and MSD. Ms M will also discuss the impact these experiences have had on her.


Robert Oakly

Mr Oakly will give evidence about the abuse he suffered by an Archdeacon while he was a Scout Commissioner, and Archdeacon for the Brightwater Church of the Nelson Anglican Diocese, as well as the impact of the abuse.  Mr Oakly will also describe his attempts to obtain recognition, an apology and compensation from the Anglican Church for the sexual abuse suffered.


“Ms C”

Ms C will give evidence of the abuse of a Vicar within a Church and Youth Group setting.  Ms C will also explain the Church grievance process and mediation she went through to try to ensure that the Vicar was not able to reoffend again. Ms C also discusses her experience of approaching the Police regarding the abuse.