The Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry State Redress hearing resumes today in Auckland with the Crown’s response.

Witnesses for the Crown will describe the policy and operation of redress processes that have been and currently are available, as well as responding to evidence given by survivors, their lawyers and advocates at the first Redress public hearing. 

This week’s Crown witnesses include representatives from the highest level at the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health. Next week Commissioners will hear from the Solicitor-General and representations from Oranga Tamariki and the Ministry of Justice.

The hearing is being live-streamed here.

Hearing location: Level 2, 414 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

19 October

10.00am (approx.):

Opening statements.

10.30am (approx)

Philip Knipe – Ministry of Health

Philip Knipe, Chief Legal Advisor, will give evidence on behalf of the Ministry of Health (MOH).  His evidence will include how MOH received, processed, managed and conducted its strategies in relation to civil claims up to 1993.  As legal liability for claims after 1993 became the responsibility of each individual District Health Board, his evidence does not address the processes for managing those claims, although he will address MOH’s current day practice.

20 October 2020


Simon MacPherson – Ministry of Social Development

Simon MacPherson is one of three witnesses giving evidence on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).  He is currently Deputy Chief Executive for the Policy branch and a member of MSD’s Senior Leadership Team.  He is also a member of the Official’s Social Wellbeing Committee that supports the Chair of the Cabinet Social Wellbeing Committee.  His evidence will include information about claimants and their claims, the early development of the Historic Claims Team and its processes under the Crown Strategy, litigation of claims, how the system has changed, and commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  In addition, he will outline expenditure on historic claims.

21 October 2020


Garth Young – Ministry of Social Development

Garth Young has been employed by MSD or its predecessors since 1984 and has held a number of roles.  He is currently Lead Claims Advisor with the Historic Claims Team.  He evidence will include the composition and functions of various historic claims working groups, the processes for collecting information on confirmed and alleged perpetrators, outcomes of Police referrals, High Tariff Offenders, wellness payments, roles and responsibilities between the Crown Law Office and MSD and evidence about specific claims, including that of Mr Keith Wiffin and Earl White.

22 October 2020


Garth Young – Ministry of Social Development (continued)


Linda Hrstich-Meyer – Ministry of Social Development

Linda Hrstich-Meyer is currently General Manager of Historic Claims at MSD and has held a variety of roles within MSD for over 20 years.  Her evidence will include the development and implementation of MSD’s claims assessment processes from 2007 onwards, as well as a range of other issues relating to access to personal information and records, revisiting claims, claimant support services and evidence about survivor evidence, including that of Mr Keith Wiffin, Georgine and Tanya Sammons, ‘CD’ (anonymised name), Kerry Johnson (anonymised name) and Patrick Stevens (anonymised name).

23 October 2020


Linda Hrstich-Meyer – Ministry of Social Development (continued)


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