Hear how survivors found sharing their experiences at the Inquiry's first private sessions, run in May 2019.

“Brilliant - was ten out of ten. It was outstanding. Well thought out, which is important. It was really important to have the printed information. It's really important to let people know if the venue is a private house or rented by the RC - it's important to make this clear as people that have lived in a number of foster placements it can be a trigger going into a private home”

"I can’t give {Commissioner} enough praise, his tone was really good, as a survivor I would say that {Commissioner} had a safe tone of voice and it put me at ease. He was very respectful."

"That was a really good experience with {Commissioner}"

"Was good. Information pack was good - however it might have been a good idea to put on the Commissioner’s Bio, more information on why the Commissioner wanted to be part of the Royal Commission (something compassionate).  The venue was not appropriate, hard to find parking in the square, kind of felt the venue may have been overwhelming for some people, quite busy and flash looking. Something nice and simple with good parking, someone to greet people straight away so they were made to feel comfortable would be good."

“I was very happy with the communication and my time with the Commission. I liked the venue and that there was parking available. I have taken out an advertisement/column in the Methodist Church Newsletter and forwarded it to the Anglican Church outlining how supported I was by the Royal Commission and have confirmed the positive way they handled people and that I was heard”

“Was very good, the pack was helpful. The venue was definitely appropriate – very local and handy. Wished the session could have been longer. I was happy and look forward to any updates”

“Very satisfied with communication, surprised at professionalism - info pack good - Venue Fit for purpose - Satisfied regarding the Wellbeing person and my time with the Commissioner - all went really well, and feel better for having done this”

“Absolutely marvellous, when you ring the Royal Commission Contact centre they are really helpful and they give you a lot of time. Thought {Commissioner} was "Bloody brilliant, {Commissioner} was not pushy, {Commissioner} was gentle in the way they put some of the questions. I felt I was listened to in relation to the problems I have gone through, it’s nice be able to talk to people about it and this is what I'm starting to find when people want to speak to me"