He karakia

Let your soul’s light, shimmer and shine from within, and radiate from without. Lest the essence of your being is subdued and suppressed. Be like the scything prow of the canoe, meet the strain and move forward! Embracing all, having purpose, being whole again.

From the depths of darkness, you who have found strength and resolve to shed your light upon the evil that men did violating your innocence. And inasmuch they changed the course of your lives forever.

And so, you came seeking solace, redemption, and justice. A chance to unburden the shame and guilt perpetrated by those charged with your care, safety, and protection, who instead used that power and authority to abuse you.

Your truth we are challenged to uphold, your courage we are bound to honor and your right to be heard we receive with privilege.

In prayer we will seek to do right, to bring you comfort and to instill hope in things yet to come, and in doing so ask that the unseen hand of goodness let its perpetual light shine upon you and give you strength, now and forever more.

Let calm prevail, let it settle, let it be.

- Waihoroi Paraone Hōterene


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