Specific information about the eight investigations launched by the Royal Commission to date is now available on our website.

Investigations are a core part of the Commission’s work and support answering the questions in the Terms of Reference set by the Government.

Over the course of the Inquiry, a series of investigations will be held into abuse and neglect that occurred in State and faith-based care settings, and into themes and issues.

Investigations will give a voice to victims and survivors of abuse and neglect in care who want to share their experiences.  They will enable the Inquiry to look back and make findings about what happened and why and look forward and make meaningful recommendations for change to the way New Zealand cares for children, young people and vulnerable adults in care.  

There is overview information available here including a link to each of the eight investigations. The investigations are:

Investigations will use different ways to gather information including witness statements, research, roundtables, hui and fono, analysis of anonymised information from private sessions and written accounts, public hearings, submissions, and policy analysis.

Most care setting investigations, e.g. Abuse in State psychiatric care will select institutions as case studies to closely examine issues, for example a school or a hospital. Thematic investigations (e.g. Māori experiences of abuse in care) may also have case studies on particular issues.  

Each investigation has a scoping document that sets out the areas of focus. Most investigations are supported by public hearings.

At the end of most, if not all, of the investigations the Inquiry will publish an investigation report which will include findings and recommendations.

Keep an eye out for updates to this information as we finalise more details.